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Technology for Innovation

Our progressive philosophy of technology, known as the Hankook Innovative Performance (HIP), will define our future mobility.

The Hankook Innovative Performance (HIP) embodies our sincere commitment to innovation. To turn your dream into a reality, we push beyond tires into high-end technology for future mobility. From the perfect driving experience and intelligent technologies to our efforts for the benefit of Planet Earth, our journey towards innovation will continue to shape the future.
Hankook Tire & Technology-Innovation-Philosophy on technology - HIP
Hankook Tire & Technology-Innovation-Philosophy on technology - HIP


Driving towards the future begins with Hankook tires.

Tires are, in essence, designed to offer a better driving experience. The future of safe and convenient mobility will be closely intertwined with innovative tires. This is why we remain dedicated towards research in search of the “driving emotion” tailored to future mobility.

Hankook Tire & Technology-Innovation-Driving-Tire

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We connect our customers with a new window of opportunity for future mobility.

Tires do so much more than simply spin our wheels. In the future of mobility where vehicles, road conditions, and traffic control systems will be closely interlinked with each other, tires will serve as an innovative means of transportation that offers a variety of information.

Hankook Tire & Technology-Innovation-Intelligence-Future Mobility

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We define the future of the planet with sustainable tire technology.

When innovating future mobility we are also innovating the future of our planet. We continue to explore the sustainable future of tires and bring daring innovation to protect the earth. We will remain one step ahead with our revolutionary, yet eco-friendly technologies to make sure everyone benefits from a better driving experience in the bright future ahead.

Hankook Tire & Technology-Innovation-Sustainability-Innovative green technology

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