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Register Your Tires

Register Your Tires

Our quality policy for guaranteeing customer’s safety.
Hankook is constantly striving to ensure the highest quality of goods.

Why You Should Register Your New Hankook Tires

  • The purpose of registering your new Hankook tires is to give us the required information to contact you in the event of a recall and to communicate with you about new Hankook products and services, offers, promotions, rewards, contests, upcoming events, and other information about our products and services. Although a recall is unlikely, it is important to make sure your tires are properly registered just in case. Government regulations encourage consumer registration of tires directly with the manufacturer. You, the consumer, should be aware that independent tire dealers and distributors are NOT required to register for you.

Personal Information

Dealer Information

Vehicle Information

Did these Hankook Tires come installed on a new car?

Please check in box whether you are customer or dealer

About DOT Number

  • Multiple tires may have the same DOT code or they may have different DOT codes.
  • Please check each tire and enter as many codes as you have.
  • Registration is for HANKOOK tires only.

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