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Technical Manual

The following information is designed to help you use the best truck and bus tires from our Hankook range.

  • Product Information

    Hankook has the right solution for every route

    • Bus & Truck Tire Range
    • Introduction for each segment
    • Legend for table with technical data
    • Technical data of all tires
  • Rim & Accessories

    Rim & Accessories

    The rim is the part of the wheel which support tire.

    • Technical data of rims
    • Tubes and flaps
    • Mounting and demounting
    • Tube-type tire mounting
    • Demounting
    • Tubeless tire mounting
    • Demounting
    • Tubeless rim valve mounting
    • About dual spacing
  • Maintenance & Care

    Maintenance & Care

    One of the most important aspects of tire maintenance is proper inflation

    • About tire Inflation
    • Truck alignment & tire
    • Tire damage
  • Truck & Bus Tire Usage Guide

    Truck & Bus Tire Usage Guide

    This guide will help you choose the most appropriate tire driving condition and region.

    • Long Haul
    • Regional Haul
    • Urban
    • On&Off Road

    Long Haul

    Long haul tire is ideally suited for long distance driving on express highways and good road conditions. It not only saves fuel consumption but also provides excellent riding comfort and handling performance.

    Regional Haul

    Regional haul is engineered for driving pleasure on state roads. It has excellent traction and grip.


    Urban tire is primarily used for driving through city streets. With greater wear resistance, the urban tire has a long life and designed to show great braking and driving performance.

    On&Off Road

    Off and mixed of on/off road tires show distinguished traction on unpaved road so that it boasts high performance and resists cutting or chipping.