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Driving Tips

Eco Driving

With the high costs of petrol and diesel, it pays to drive as economically as possible. Follow our eco-driving tips to save money, fuel and cut pollution.

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Guide to Eco Driving

  • 1. Keep Your Car as Light as Possible

    For every 100kg of weight in your boot, fuel efficiency decreases up to 6% on a mid-size saloon. A vehicle’s fuel efficiency is also very sensitive to air friction; for example, installing a roof rack may decrease fuel efficiency by up to 20%.

  • 2. Maintain the Tyres Recommended Air Pressure

    If you are driving with tyres that are 50kPA less than the recommended air pressure, fuel efficiency may decrease by up to 6% in the city and 4% on the road.

  • 3. If your car is idle for longer periods of time, turn off the engine or put into neutral.

    If your car is idle for more than a minute with the engine running, it consumes more fuel than when starting your car. In 10 minutes, your car will consume 130cc of fuel.

  • 4. Refrain from Abrupt Acceleration / Quick Starts

    Gradual acceleration enhances fuel efficiency. Accelerating about 20km/h through five seconds enhances fuel efficiency by about 11km.

  • 5. Use Engine Brakes

    Taking your feet off the accelerator to slow down could  enhance your fuel efficiency by 2%.

Additional Recommendations for Economic Driving

  • Use air conditioning sparingly
  • Use tyres that enhance fuel efficiency
  • Keep the windows and the sunroof closed when the car is in motion
  • Drive under low RPM’s (Revolutions Per Minute)