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The Most Perfect Tire from the State-of-the-Art Test Track

13 Technoring Tracks, Leading Innovation in Tire Technology

The tire is a key factor that determines not only the performance of a car, but also safety, fuel economy, and ride comfort. Therefore, even the smallest element should never be overlooked in a tire product development process. Hankook Tire products get launched in the market after undergoing rigorous tests in Technoring. Technoring is a global driving test center which realizes the best tire performance through high-density tests which combine high technologies. Its power lies in the 13 tracks.

Maximum speed 250km/h, 50 simultaneous test benches
Assessing all vehicles and tires, including passenger cars, trucks, and buses

Technoring, 6 main tracks

Technoring consists of 13 different tracks in total. From the 'High-Speed Oval' which is used to evaluate durability and stability in a high-speed driving, to the braking test route which is used to test dry and wet braking performance, and handling, ride comfort, and noise in various driving situations such as evasive maneuvers and lane changes, it is meticulously tested with cutting-edge technology on the tracks which embody every possible situation. In particular, let's take a tour, focusing on the 6 main tracks of Technoring which explain the philosophy and vision of Hankook Tire.

Track 1. High-Speed Oval

Evaluating stability at extreme speed

The High-Speed Oval is a signature track which is essential to go with the tire test driving experience in Technoring. Literally, it is a space which is used to evaluate stability at extreme speed. High-speed straight/zero back driving test is available in four lanes. The high-speed durability performance and stability during high-speed steering are evaluated at a total length of 4.58 km and a maximum speed of 250 km/h. In addition, it boasts the largest inclination angle of 42 degrees in Asia, which makes it easy to test tires for racing cars and electric vehicles, whose traction evaluation is the most important. Already established its strong position in the global motorsports, Hankook Tire is also conducting collaboration with motorsports-related companies and organizations.

Track 2. Circular Circuit / Vehicle Dynamics Area (VDA)

Evaluating limiting performance of tires in rapid changing driving conditions

This track evaluates the steering stability and limiting performance of tires at about 200 km/h, which tests each acceleration section, lane change section, test section, and braking section. It is a test road which occupies a significant portion of the area within Technoring alone and boasts the third-largest scale compared to P/G, a global tire maker. In the circular circuit, steering stability and lane change can be tested with a wide range from R=110m to R=20m.

Track 3. Dry Handling Circuit

Evaluating stability and silence, a basic of tires

Dry Handling Circuit is the most basic and essential test track. It is a track composed of 19 various corners, which occupies SUV the largest area in Technoring. Here, steering stability is evaluated in various driving situations, such as high-speed driving and deceleration driving. As the steering stability varies significantly depending on the road surface and driving condition as well as the vehicle type, the tests are conducted according to the required performance of various vehicle types. It is also a semi-racing track with a total length of 3.378 km and a maximum speed of 190 km/h.

Track 4. Wet Handling Circuit

Evaluating driving and cornering stability in the rain

The danger on a wet road surface is not particularly emphasized, however, everyone is conscious of it. In particular, it is the aquaplaning phenomenon if there is a cause which increases the risk of occurrence. Hydroplaning is a phenomenon in which a thin film of water is formed between the tire and the road surface of a vehicle running on the road and the tire loses its grip on the road surface. The Wet Handling Circuit is a track which is used to test the effect of tire patterns and compounds on hydroplaning. With a total length of 1.6 km, the test is available in 11 different corners with the max driving speed of 128 km/h. In particular, with the high-technology which controls the hydroplaning effect from 1mm to 10mm, the stability on the wet road surface can be tested more delicately.

Track 5. Braking

Evaluating stability in sudden braking

The braking distance varies considerably depending on driving conditions such as vehicle type, road surface, and driving speed before braking. On a wet road, the braking distance increases by 1.8 times compared to the one on a dry road. The braking test road consists of a total of 8 lanes, 4 dry and 4 wet lanes respectively, and the driving test up to a maximum speed of 150 km/h is available. In addition, it is composed of various road surfaces such as asphalt and concrete, where complex tests are performed in more diverse environments.

Track 6. Obstacle road

Evaluating ride comfort in extreme road conditions

The obstacle road boasting an area of 39.670m2 and a scale of about 1,200 pyeong consists of harsh environments such as dirt roads, puddles, rocks, and hills. Already gaining great popularity in the global trailer market as a dedicated SUV brand - Dynapro, Hankook Tire will increase the density of its research on off-road tires for the test result on the obstacle road.

In addition, ride comfort, noise, and durability are tested on 15 special road surfaces to obtain a smooth and silent ride. The special road surface is composed of various environments which a driver may face while driving, such as cracks, potholes, manholes, brick roads, and sections with caution for speed deceleration. In addition, developing OE tires for global car maker brands, Hankook Tire has also prepared the track to meet the ISO certification standard of OE carmaker requirement such as chip-cut (Tire tearing) with passing noise test path in Technoring.

The entire track composition of Technoring can be seen in the video above, with virtual experience on the website as shown below.

Experience the various tracks of Technoring in 3D.


As such, data is accumulated through dense and rigorous testing, and tire technology that will innovate future mobility is realized with big data in Technoring. Technoring is where Hankook Tire's vision is realized for its completion. It functions as a global driving test ground to test global possibilities by preemptively responding to the rapidly changing mobility environment as well as stability and ride comfort, which are the essence of tires.