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Dubai 24 Hour Race, A Dash to the Finish Line

Every driver dreams of pushing their car to its limits on an open road. To some, driving may not simply be a transportation method, but instead, as a thrill seeker becoming one with the car, pushing it to its limits. Of course, such a pursuit is extremely dangerous for an average driver, which is why it is only allowed to take place on a closed circuit for motorsport events. Looking at the race car drivers inside their "machines" equipped with quintessential and advanced mobility technologies will make anyone's heart pound and is why so many people love the sport.

Endurance race- Culmination of automobile technology within the motorsport

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There are several types of motorsport races such as a rally in which the ranking is determined by the time spent on mixed public roads and a dedicated track; a formula race with vehicles specially designed for the competition; and an endurance race that lasts considerably longer than other races.
In particular, as the endurance race lasts for more than three hours, the vehicle's durability is critical—no breakdowns or sudden performance issues should ever occur throughout the race.
In comparison with other motorsports, endurance races focus more on technology. While motorsports is a culmination of mobility technology, endurance races compete on challenging circuits and test the vehicle's durability and players' stamina. Therefore, of all the components in the race car, the parts exposed to the outside must never deteriorate in terms of performance in order to achieve the best results.

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The 24H Series is one of the most famous endurance races in the world, even though there are longer races. Premium vehicles such as the Porsche 911, Lamborghini Huracan, Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3, and Audi R8 participate on challenging circuits for these races.
Furthermore, the 24H race series allows multiple classes of vehicles and non-professional race car drivers to participate in the races, known as Customer Racing, gifting ordinary people with the vicarious pleasure to imagine what it would be like to be an integral part of the race.

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As the name suggests, the 24H Race lasts for 24 hours. Each team contains two to three drivers and five to seven mechanics, all working in harmony to bring the best out of the vehicle so it can perform at the highest level. As the race lasts for an incessant 24 hours, driving fast is not the primary solution, and instead, the teams must find the sweet spot of the vehicle's optimal condition, the engine, and tire wear. So the strategy and know-how of the drivers and mechanics are crucial in winning the race. It is virtually poetic that all team members should perform their given task at their best to complete these endurance races, in the same way a car should operate.

“24H Series, running for 24 hours”

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The Dubai 24 Hour Race, which is part of the 24H Series, is held at the Autodrome Circuit in the middle of the desert. At 5.9 km long, the weather presents several curveballs, including intense sand storms and ever rapidly changing conditions. Due to the climate and pavement conditions, it is essential to have the highest tire durability and grip level. To complete a race when faced with such difficult conditions, agile cornering and perfect braking performances are a necessity. These characteristics can only be achieved with tires that can perform under these conditions. As the title sponsor of the event since 2015, Hankook Tire is the sole supplier to all vehicles entering the event with its racing tires. The official title includes the phrase "24H Series Powered by Hankook."

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Ultimate technology shines brighter when faced with adversity—this is why the global company Hankook Tire is actively sponsoring endurance races, such as the 24H Series. The will to face any challenges and never give up resonates with the resolute spirit of Hankook Tire.

The involvement of Hankook Tire in the 24H Series does not stop as the sponsor of the event’s title. ATLASBX Motorsports, a Korean team sponsored by Hankook Tire, stunned all the other competing teams by winning the opening race of the 2020 24H Series, 2020 Dubai 24 Hour Race, in the GT4 class. This marked the team's first participation in the Dubai 24 Hour Race. Although the Dubai 24 Hour Race was impacted heavily by the desert winds, the racing day was unusually wet with heavy downpours submerging the pit lanes. However, the treacherous conditions did not concern Atlas BX Motorsports, which displayed an impressively stable performance throughout the race and came in first amongst the 12 teams, winning the first-ever international event that the team had participated in. Both ATLASBX Motorsports and Hankook Tire possess a shared culture of striving for the best in Korea and throughout the world. Similar to this racing team, Hankook Tire is continuously innovating and challenging the status quo to become a global leader in the tire industry.

The powerful meaning of being a title sponsor of a motorsport event

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Motorsports are not as popular as other sports and are often perceived as a premium sport that requires intensive capital and technology. Hankook Tire sponsors major global race teams, such as the 24H Series, the Super Taikyu Series and the TCR Italy. Such sponsorships allow Hankook Tire to display their world-class technologies that only top-tier global companies could envision. Being an official sponsor means sponsoring either the competition or participating teams. However, in doing so, it also proves it is a brand that provides the best racing tires so all vehicles in the race can display the best performances in front of the fans.

The motorsports industry labels the endurance race as a race that embodies the epitome of human nature. In these races, mobility technologies are on display, but human commitment and collaboration enable these vehicles to complete the race after 24 hours surrounded by a dynamic environment.

Hankook Tire will always support the racing drivers who go beyond their limits and aim to become the best in the world.