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Sustainable Product

To minimize the impact on the environment, we make eco-friendly products through innovative R&D.

Sustainable Material

We are developing an advanced technology for raw materials used to manufacture tires under the definition of sustainable materials.

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    Renewable Material

    • Renewable Materials
  • sustainable-material-02

    Recycled Material

    • Recycled Materials
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    Eco Certification

    • Certification of eco-friendly materials for suppliers
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    • Materials that reduce CO2 emissions compared to the previous raw materials

Percentage of sustainable raw materials used

We plan to increase the percentage of sustainable raw materials used to 100% by 2050.

  • 25.2 % 2018

  • 26.1 % 2020

  • 28.1 % 2022

100 % 2050

Sustainable Technology Development

We are developing and applying technologies to reduce environmental impact throughout the entire product life cycle, from raw material acquisition to disposal.

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    Introducing eco-design

    Evaluate/improve the environmental impact in advance at the product design stage using the life cycle evaluation and reflect them in the design

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    Reducing environmental impact at the manufacturing stage

    Minimize and treat pollutants generated during the product manufacturing process

  • Tire rolling resistance and weight optimization

    Improve the vehicle energy efficiency

  • Waste tire management

    Expand the tire reuse and recycle the discarded tires