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Responsible Engagement

We participate responsibly with various stakeholders with Hankook Tire & Technology. We are working hard on care to create value for our employees and carrying out activities for transparent and sustainable supply chain management. We also carry out various social contribution activities for coexistence with local communities, communicate with stakeholders in each value chain, and grow up together.

Valuable Supply Chain

Operating SNR (Sustainable Natural Rubber) Program

Hankook Tire & Technology is working as a founding member of GPSNR (Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber), a global platform for the sustainability of natural rubber. In 2018, we enacted the ‘Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy’, which specifically stipulates the social responsibility of the natural rubber supply chain, with initiatives to implement it. In 2020, we revised the policy to reflect the ‘Policy Component’ announced by GPSNR and disclosed on the company website. Afterwards, in order to check compliance with the sustainable natural rubber policy and prevent any risk, we prepared and evaluated a separate ‘Natural Rubber Supply Chain ESG Evaluation Question,' and we are promoting the following support activities for supply chain sustainability.

Participating in a blockchain-based sustainable natural rubber project

We are participating in ‘Project TREE’, a sustainable natural rubber project using a blockchain-based traceability system. Through this project, we entered into a partnership with ‘ETEL’, the UK’s largest tire distributor, and sell the tires manufactured with only natural rubber supplied from non-protected areas. Sales incentives from ‘Project TREE tires’ are being used for sustainability support activities for small farmers, collectors, and local merchants who are collaborating to secure the traceability of natural rubber.

Percentage of suppliers that have received an ESG evaluation for the last 3 years

  • 94.0 % 2020

  • 87.9 % 2021

  • 100.0 % 2022

Acquisition of the human rights management and diversity

Subsidiary-type standard workplace for the disabled 'Korea Donggeurami Partners'

Hankook Donggeurami Partners is a subsidiary-type standard workplace for the disabled established by Hankook Tire & Technology to provide opportunity for new possibilities and challenges to the socially underprivileged, and to contribute to the growth and development of our society, including the local community. The best welfare for the socially vulnerable, especially those with severe disabilities is a stable job. Korea Donggeurami Partners intends to focus all its capabilities on fulfilling the demands of corporate social responsibility, focusing on the job provision project that provides stable jobs to the socially underprivileged. We provide a place for self-realization by providing jobs to employees and provide safe and reliable goods and services to customers.

Status of various employees (The total number of employees: 19,787)

  • 163 Employment for the disabled

  • 10.40 % Female workforce

  • 16.6 % Female manager (Senior or above)

Employees Care

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    An optional flextime scheme

    Hankook Tire & Technology is implementing a selective flextime scheme that allows its employees to flexibly adjust their working hours. This scheme contributes significantly towards maintaining the work-life balance of its employees and improving their performance. Based on the verification of the operation results and satisfaction survey, we will further expand our flextime scheme to provide a freer working environment for our employees. We also run the “reduced working hours scheme during a childcare period” for our employees to both work and provide care for their children so as to prevent any career interruption and ensure the hours required for childcare.

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    Operation of an in-house daycare center “H-KIDZ”

    We run in-house childcare centers at our major business establishments, such as our headquarters, research center, and plants, for our employees to leave their children in the care of professional help at peace. Our daycare centers offer a systematic curriculum that helps with the physical and emotional development of each age group and organic meals with a nutritional balance, leading to high employee satisfaction. All operating expenses, except for government subsidies, are fully paid by the company, offering free access to employees, and the company also covers part of the kindergarten expenses to its employees with children who go to kindergartens to help them benefit from a better working environment.

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    Endeavor to reinforce the health and safety management activities for our employees

    To manage SHE issues and risks, we operate the Safety and Health Advisory Committee and manage the safety of our employees. With the advice of external experts, we ascertain and improve issues in our safety and health systems and operating processes and objectively verify them to seek enhanced methods for further development. We continue to break away from the limitation or rigidity that lies in the previous systems with health and safety as our top priority to further reinforce our management of the working environment.

Community Engagement


2022 Performance

Number of tire supported: 1,646 tires
Number of bus supported: 175 buses

Cumulative performance

Number of vehicle supported: 627 buses
Number of tire supported: 28,636 tires
Number of bus supported: 3,718 buses


2022 Performance

Number of social housing supplied: 9 units
Number of occupied household: 558 households

Cumulative performance

Number of social housing supplied: 57 units
Number of occupied household: 1,670 households


2022 Performance

Sustainable natural rubber purchase: 201.6 tons
Number of TREE Tire supplied: 100,800 tires