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Proactive Culture

Proactive Culture, where members with expertise are active and innovative in their work


Proactive Workstyle

A proactive workstyle is a work style unique to Hankook Tire & Technology. We enable our employees to immerse themselves in their work and exclude unnecessary work, thereby creating a working environment that raises values. In addition, we run a wide range of campaigns and systems to ensure that individuals can reach their full potential, and create a culture that motivates our members.

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    Proactive Studio and Proactive Lab where anyone can become the leader of innovation

    On the in-house idea suggestion platform, a Proactive Studio, members are encouraged to freely suggest their ideas and directly execute them regardless of their duties. Proponents are allowed to create a separate, small organization called the Proactive LAB to bring their ideas to life as fast as a startup does.

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    Ways to work better, less for better

    We reduce unnecessary work to create an environment where our members can focus on their work. We encourage no PowerPoint use, an abolition of approval pads, oral reporting, and simultaneous reporting for our members to ensure they use their working hours more efficiently.

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    The beginning of transparent management accompanying members, a Proactive Concert

    We hold in-house management briefing sessions to disclose and give a full account for the management performance to all of our members. Each quarter, the company offers an opportunity for the head of each organization to provide a detailed description of the company performance and the organization’s major issues to its members to ensure a better understanding of the organization and efficient communication among its members.

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    Proactive Awards to encourage challenges and innovation

    The Proactive Awards has been designed to select and award organizations and members who were most committed towards the proactive leadership and able to achieve best results. We select employees in a wide variety of categories throughout the world, and award prizes to winners.

Proactive Communication

Communication is the driving force behind creating the best teamwork by uniting everyone’s mind into one. All members, regardless of their position, address each other as “Mr., Ms., or Mrs.” to create a culture of horizontal communication based on mutual respect.

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Proactive Workplace

Hankook Tire & Technology offer a working environment that promotes communication and collaboration that capture corporate culture and values. We create an environment for people to think creatively through innovation in the working environment and improvement in the business process.

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    Technoplex 1

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    Technoplex 2

  • Technodome 1

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Proactive Work & Life Balance

Hankook Tire & Technology provides a wide variety of welfare benefits for its employees to strike a balance between work and life, enjoy focusing on their work, and achieve the best performance. We care for our employees to improve the quality of their lives through various support such as in-house daycare centers, employee health programs, and in-house clubs.

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    Hankook Tire & Technology's in-house daycare center

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    In-house clubs 1

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    In-house clubs 2

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    In-house Wellness Center

  • Health management support